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 It was so very hard to hear the realities of what was going on with my company. And I think ultimately I was embarrassed, ashamed and quite frankly I felt stupid. I'm a smart person and I feel like I should have known a lot of the things you were saying to me. And while it was very difficult to hear many of the realities of the business, I have to admit that there is somewhat of a burden that has been lifted from my shoulders and my mind. In my gut, I knew that I was on the wrong track, but I didn't know how to fix it, how to acknowledge it, a whole flurry of emotions. You just validated the feelings I had, and even made it ok for me to be able to say "no." You have no idea how liberating and light it makes me feel to hear its ok to do that. Especially since I work my ass off to service those accounts...but for what?! Yeah, you answered that really well. And I think it was important for not only myself to hear but my cheerleader(s) too. And while I trusted them, I don't think their information and advice was necessarily right for me. I just think it was a lack of knowledge about our own industry and lack of a big picture. You were able to re-frame the way I think and view these projects. THANK YOU!

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