As a creative and passionate wedding professional, you work hard to make your clients dreams come true. 
What about your dreams? Is it time to revamp your life and make your business soar?

You deserve to wake up pumped to work with high-end clients who treat you with respect. 
You deserve to create the breathtaking weddings you see in magazines.
STOP PLAYING SMALL with your wedding business.  
Say bye-bye "HOBBYIST" and hello "HELL-YEAH"
VALUED AT $9,999 
People say you CAN'T make a good living as a wedding professional...
that the only way to make 6-figures is booking 
200+ events a year (leaving you burned out and miserable)...
to attract tons of clients you have to give profit-killing discounts.
  • I remember working 250+ events one year, and I thought I was making bank-- but I ended up miserable and exhausted. I wasn’t making nearly the amount of money I thought I was. I didn’t know how to say no and I worked some weddings for free. I took on every client that came my way-even clients who didn’t respect me. Clients who took advantage of my value and time.  Plus, I gave away discounts like candy because I was worried they’d walk away. And I knew that I could help them and make them happy. They didn't know what they didn't know.  I had no self-worth. I did not understand the value of time and the value of what I was offering. Mainly because I loved doing it and loved helping people (especially when it came to design). I didn’t know how to manage clients and connect with them on a deep and personal level. Until I figured out how to implement my psychology background. Game Changer!  I didn’t know how to pre-qualify clients so instead of making sure it was a good fit, I would just say yes. I lived off of caffeine and adrenaline until I had nothing left to give. Sound familiar?? I knew I had to change something. I just didn't know how to get there until I met a coach who changed my life. I say saved my life rather! And my business. 
It's time to transform your business just like I did mine. I know you can build a wedding business that attracts your ideal clients, because I've done it myself...Right now, I'm going to give you ALL of my secrets.
  • Attract ideal high-end clients so you work less while boosting your profits
  • Market your talents like a rockstar so your clients value you 
  • Land clients you actually love and wake up excited to get to work
  • Offer services without discounts eating up your profits
  • Grow your business to 6-7 figures by closing sales easily
  • Get everything done so you’re productive (and make more sales in the time you save)
  • Balance your personal and work life so you have time for fun and vacations
  • Succeed with a business built around your passion 
about me.
As a celebrity wedding planner, I’ve worked with some pretty big names. American Idol’s Kellie Pickler. The Black Keys, Patrick Carney. Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott. NFL Player and Tennessee Titan, Eddie George. Country Mega-star, Jason Aldean (to name a few-I am NOT a name dropper!). 

Plus, I’ve been featured in publications like US Weekly, People, and Success. I was named one of the 25 top Event Pros to watch under 40 by Special Events Magazine. My events have even been on television’s TLC, and Pickler & Ben.

I’ve worked with the best in the wedding industry for close to 20 years and perfected a system that brings me celebrities and affluent couples like clockwork.

But working my up certainly did not come easy. I had to go through some really tough lessons. If someone had just offered me a program like this, I would be SO much further ahead today. I don't have any regrets, but time is so precious. So why not fast track you and your business!
As Seen IN & On...

For the first time, I’ve bundled my hottest systems to build a thriving wedding business. 

These secrets made me sought-after by celebrities, pro-athletes, oil billionaires and CEOs.

And these goodies are inside, waiting for you to become insanely successful.

You’ll find out why people think I’m psychic--

Why I know EXACTLY what my clients want, before we even meet for the first time. 

They trust me from the get-go, and happily say yes to my prices.

And once you put The Wedding Proffitt Vault to work in your business,
the same success will happen for you.

Brides from all over will be banging down your doors for your expertise.


After growing my business to 7-figures, The Wedding Proffitt Vault brought me results over and over again. 
It’s what put me on the map with celebrities, magazines, and TV. 

Every day it generates me a steady stream of profits. 
It’s helped me travel the world, organizing weddings for world-class clients. 

That’s why I wanted to make this system available for you. I pulled apart my best books, trainings,
templates and hacks to help you rock it in the wedding industry. Elevate your business. Level up to your worth. 

The Wedding Proffitt Vault will show you how to personalize your services and tighten up your processes 
so every client is treated like a celebrity, VIP, because every client should be treated as if they are a VIP. 

And when you roll out the red carpet, that’s when real celebrities want what you’ve got. 
The #1 thing holding you back from doubling your profits (and how to get rid of it forever)

The exact words to use with every type of bride, groom, family member and vendor so you position 
yourself as an expert and inspire trust and respect.

Productivity hacks to 10X your results, create more time in your day, and increase your sales...massively.
Deep psychological insights on 4 gemstone personality types so you get inside your client’s heads 
and easily understand what they want.

How to line up your offers with your clients deepest needs and desires so they’re dying to say “YES!” every time.

Get behind-the-scenes access to a branding photo and video shoot for my company. Steal the tips for yourself 
to snag your ideal clients and wake up each day loving your life.

My secret weapon: a process your prospects are virtually powerless to resist so you can close sales easily.
The exact templates I use with my clients and events so you’ll have professional and organized processes 
in place to succeed quickly.

Plus tons more hot secrets to launch your wedding business to superstardom...
The Entire Wedding Proffitt Vault
Valued at $9,999

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
 The Wedding Proffitt Vault comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Apply what you learn in The Wedding Proffitt Vault and you’ll soon see--

There’s no limit to your future success!

Build an iron-clad link between your offers and the core, most powerful, and compelling needs and desires of your clients: 

Know exactly what your client needs to hear to say yes to your offer, by appealing to their most powerful core desires:

Stop guessing what your client wants. Stop losing sales! Once you put The Profit System to work, you’ll know exactly what your client needs to hear to drive them crazy with desire for your services. 

You’ll discover what their strengths and weaknesses are, how to handle them, and how to design their perfect wedding. You’ll know how to manage their expectations based on their personality type, and troubleshoot issues before meltdowns happen. Your clients will be virtually powerless to resist your offers. 

This is the secret to my “psychic” reputation.

Ever wonder how top wedding professionals build their authority and create a following that is ready to book with them as soon as an engagement ring hits their finger?

The answer is simple!  Build your authority!

I'll share with you how to sell with pictures and videos, and also how to communicate in the most authentic and high-conversion way. 

By the end of this Module you will have a process that your prospects are virtually powerless to resist. Your confidence to communicate what you can do for them to bring their dreams to life will create an iron-clad link between what you’re offering and the core, most powerful and compelling needs, wants and desires of your potential clients including their wants and desires for their wedding or event.    

This is the secret to my powerful brand and name in the market!
It’s time you marketed yourself to your ideal clients like the star-studded wedding professional you are-- and get paid what your talents are worth. 

-Find out the exact steps to turn leads into paying clients. I’ll show you why your website visitors are bouncing off of your site-- and how to fix it for good.

-How to turn your phone into your #1 business asset to boost your business with scorching hot tactics and social media savvy.

-The exact words and template to use to clearly communicate your value. You’ll close your leads easily without feeling slimy or gross.

There are so many marketing courses out there that teach you one little piece, or WAAAAAY too much.  What I'm going to do is break down what you really need to know... so you don't waste any time getting this right!
In this Module, I'm going to teach you how to save time and money by getting all of your processes sorted out.

As creatives, we often find this hard, but I break it down really simply so you have an tech-phobe guide to ensuring that you and your growing staff are as productive as possible!   

By the end of this module, you will know exactly how to manage, share and track your time on your calendar, ensuring they are syncing and begin to pave a road for your future of becoming more organized. 

You will have ready to use templates and know how to use them to customize the message based on how your client needs to hear it.

This is the secret of how I really scaled my business from hobby to hell-yeah! 

You'll get the exact contract templates, timeline templates and budget templates that I use in my business to run EVERYTHING!

Template Contract 
(Includes breaking apart products + communicating a payment outline that isn't seasonal)    

Template Timeline 
(Includes an overview for VIPS and vendors to hold each person accountable-ready to use)   

Template Excel 
(Includes Info tab, Budget outline, 12 month check list, seating template, designer tab)
The entire ProFiT System at your fingertips! Enough to kickstart your wedding business by itself, The PROFIT System has everything you need to double your profits while doing half the events. 

Plus, you get my entire personality system, psychological insights, communication methodology, selling education & guide, and business fundamentals for efficiency. 

Your confidence will catapult to new heights after putting The Profit System in place. You’ll seamlessly communicate your value to your clients so they treat you like a respected professional. 

Find out how to land your perfect client (and get paid what you’re worth):

Find out how to pre-qualify leads so you only capture your ideal clients. Plus you’ll get my method to live by so you communicate your worth and get paid what you deserve. After implementing this, your business will never be the same! 

If you want your wedding business to thrive in 2019... now is the time to act
before this offer disappears for good.

  • Craft your money making message
  • Dream big with easy to follow mindset solutions
  • Brand yourself as the expert you are!
  • Delegate like a boss
  • Create a solid road map to success
  • Attract your dream couples
  • Grab the templates and grow, grow, grow!
  • How to be a productivity powerhouse
  • Sort out your social media for good
  • Learn to instantly read someone's personality & give them what they want
  • Close those sales without any sleazy tactics
  • Become the "go to" wedding professional in your niche
  • And soooooooo much more....
  • How to be confident and visible online
  • Simplify your success with my ready-to-go contracts, templates and more!
  • Implement systems that create freedom!
  • #1 secret to selling to high end clients
  • How to lead and get people to follow you!
  • How to attract the perfect clients for YOU!
  • Sort out your profits for good so you really can be the CEO of a profitable business
  • What to STOP working on so you get better results
  • My secrets to getting featured in big magazines, tv shows and blogs
I guarantee that if you use these tools, the way I teach them, you’ll transform your business and your life. You’ll land high-end clients you love who pay you what you’re worth... and make more money working less events.

It can happen in less than 45 days!

Just 1 client will pay for this system and get you set up for success.

My “Read Clients Like A Psychic” Pinterest Training
This video shows you the process that earned me the reputation of being “psychic.” It shows you how to read Pinterest to uncover what your clients want before you even meet with them. This video is so powerful, you can skyrocket your sales using the secrets in this video alone.

You’ll discover:
-How to use Pinterest to understand what your clients want before you even meet them-- including design elements, managing expectations, setting up meetings and more.
-The 4 True Color System that highlights your client’s personality-type and how to communicate with them best. You’ll instantly build a rapport with your clients that fosters trust and respect (and avoid mishaps and meltdowns).

How To 10X Your Productivity, Create More Time In The Day, And Increase Your Sales Doing What You Love! 
You’ll get my exact methods to 10x your productivity. As a Productivity Coach, I’ve travelled the world teaching businesses how to go paperless and make more money with time management hacks. 

You’ll save time, get more done, and boost your bottom line.

Market Your Brand Tips Guide
Get my behind-the-scenes experience on a branding and video shoot. You’ll see everything that goes into it, and what it takes. Plus, you’ll get downloadable tips to create one for your company that looks as polished as the top celebrity wedding planners in the world.

Position yourself as an industry leader and be seen as an expert!

Internship Handbook Template and Guide
Grow your team with top-tier interns to position yourself as a leader in the industry. You’ll gain the reputation as your area’s top wedding planner.

This handbook template has everything you need to communicate your brand’s message with interns. Celebrity and high-end planners grow and develop top-notch teams, and having an Internship Handbook will help you build one. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To get different results, you must do something differently.
Apply what you learn in The Wedding Proffitt Vault and you’ll soon see--There’s NO limit to your future success!
Join the party!  Let's get started.  And get it before it disappears!
What people are saying
I want to thank you SOOOO much for taking time out to share your process with me. It was definitely an eye-opener and very beneficial to me and my company! I have begun to implement a lot of changes to my business; tracking my time by client to get a better gauge on charging, recreating my contract to include boundaries, which I am still trying to make things a bit more crystal clear, working to change my mindset on how to implement the schedule everything, working on my website to better qualify clients.   
Thank you"  

Tara - Wedding Business Owner
It was so very hard to hear the realities of what was going on with my company. And I think ultimately I was embarrassed, ashamed and quite frankly I felt stupid. I'm a smart person and I feel like I should have known a lot of the things you were saying to me. And while it was very difficult to hear many of the realities of the business, I have to admit that there is somewhat of a burden that has been lifted from my shoulders and my mind. In my gut, I knew that I was on the wrong track, but I didn't know how to fix it, how to acknowledge it, a whole flurry of emotions. You just validated the feelings I had, and even made it ok for me to be able to say "no." You have no idea how liberating and light it makes me feel to hear its ok to do that. Especially since I work my ass off to service those accounts...but for what?! Yeah, you answered that really well. And I think it was important for not only myself to hear but my cheerleader(s) too. And while I trusted them, I don't think their information and advice was necessarily right for me. I just think it was a lack of knowledge about our own industry and lack of a big picture. You were able to re-frame the way I think and view these projects. THANK YOU!

Heather - Wedding Business Owner
By implementing your system I completely restructured my company. I was able to save a ton on production cost just by knowing how to communicate with my crew. I cut my costs by 30% which was coming out of my pocket (when I had to redo a film because I didn’t know what the client wanted); I cut my editing time in half by using your communication and technology process; I chopped my hiring cost because I was able to retain the same crew. Oh and by the way this totaled about $3000 a month.  
Thank you SO much

Zane - Wedding Business Owner
The right tools work miracles in your business.
You can work less events, and increase your bottom line with couples you enjoy working with.
  • Feeling 100% clear on your message so dream clients snatch up your creations.
  • Capturing the hearts and minds of your dream couples so they are happy to pay you what you're really worth
  • Having super engaged social media so you are cultivating those relationships for the future
  • Sorting out your technology and administration for good, so you're a bad ass CEO not a hobbyist any more!
  • Your calendar bursting with calls with hot leads you know you’ll easily turn into buyers.
  • Having a dream team you trust and adore who handles all the tasks you hate
  • Managing your time like a true boss and getting everything done on time without stressing (no more!)
Sound good?  Then, let's do this thing!
Stop holding yourself back and start being the CEO
I know you are.  
It's all within your grasp.
Worth over $9,999 for this investment
Pay in full and save!  Get immediate access to my whole vault of trainings, templates, contracts and more!  And you'll save even more when you pay in full.
 The entire Wedding Proffitt System 
All of my templates and contracts (Priceless!)
My “Read Clients Like A Psychic” Pinterest Training 
How To 10X Your Productivity, Create More Time In The Day, And Increase Your Sales Doing What You Love! 
Market Your Brand Tips Guide 
Internship Handbook Template and Guide
$1833 x 3
Worth over $9,999 for this investment
Just 3 payments spread over 3 months.  Get immediate access to my whole vault of trainings, templates, contracts and more!

 The entire Wedding Proffitt System 
All of my templates and contracts 
My “Read Clients Like A Psychic” Pinterest Training 
How To 10X Your Productivity, Create More Time In The Day, And Increase Your Sales Doing What You Love! 
Market Your Brand Tips Guide
Internship Handbook Template and Guide
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